What We Do


Social media management should not be confused with website creation–it is so much more. In this new Internet world, websites are not enough to market yourself online. Daily effort and social networking is required to keep yourself visible and attractive.

Jazz Social Media offers the whole package–websites with SEO, blogs, and social networks.  All of these services work together to create your online presence and reputation. We track and maintain your Internet reputation daily.

The good thing is that these services are not expensive, or as confusing as they might seem.  Give the responsibility to us.  You have one point of contact, and one place to send your information. We take it from there.

Contact us at: michele@JazzSocialMedia.com to discuss our prices. You WILL get what you need for what you CAN afford.


1-Time Service

Daily Service

 Social Networking-Twitter Set up account, with profile info and picture, full background, and original follows. Twitter posts 1-2 times a day, make new follows, respond to follows, respond to direct messages, delete spam.
 Social Networking-Facebook Create banner graphics, set up profile, create landing page or welcome page, find original friends. Facebook posts 2-3 times per week.
Social Networking-1 additional network Set up account and profile, including graphics and writing. Posts on 1 other network of your choice.
 Wordpress Websites Create original website with blog. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) included. Update website as desired. Keep SEO updated so website is fresh for search engines.
  Blogs Establish blog on website or on other networks, with SEO included. Daily blogs following others or original writing, keeping blog fresh for search engines.
YouTube Videos Video with content of your choice. Live recording, or slideshow, or PowerPoint-style.  Voice-over included. Link to YouTube videos in blogs and on social networks to keep search engines active.
 Soundtracks Original background music for your video. Re-do and re-use soundtracks in other videos to make greatest use of music.
 30-second spots Radio-ready commercial for your company, with background music and voice. Post and link spots to social networks and blogs, to make the most use of them, and keep SEO active.
 Jingles Original, catchy jingle to audio brand your company. Use jingles in spots, videos, and blogs to make most use of it, and keep SEO active.
 Google Places Company listing and profile established, with logo uploaded.
Reputation Management Your company is traced online. negative comments are detected immediately and expunged.